Colorado Licenses and ID

In the state of Colorado, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles all your licensing and ID needs. Whether you need to apply for a new license, renew or replace an existing one, or change the address or name on your license, the DMV will help you. To get you jump-started on these procedures, invest in our Colorado License Easy Guide, which contains helpful forms and links that will make your DMV experience a breeze. Read more about each service below:

Renew License

Ready to renew your Colorado drivers license? We've collected helpful information and links that will make the process a breeze. Read more to get started on renewing your license in the state of Colorado.

Apply for New License

Getting your first drivers license is an exciting venture. However, there are certain procedures, including tests, that you must complete in order to obtain a new Colorado drivers license. Our Colorado License Easy Guide will put you on the right path to obtaining your new license in no time.

Replace License

Should your Colorado drivers license get lost, stolen or destroyed, you must replace it as soon as possible. Luckily, we've gathered all the information and links to help you get a replacement in no time. Read more below to get started on replacing your Colorado drivers license.

Change of Address

If you move in the state of Colorado, you must update your address on your license. The process isn't difficult, and we've made it easy to get this done in a timely manner. Read more below for information on how to complete a change of address on your Colorado drivers license.

Change of Name

If you change your legal name for any reason, you must update your name on your Colorado drivers license. Our Colorado License Easy Guide will help you get started on this process quickly. Read below for how to get started with your change of name process.

Suspended License

Your license can be suspended for any number of reasons. After serving your suspension period, you'll want to reinstate your Colorado drivers license so you can get back on the road again. We've collected helpful information to assist you with reinstating your license as soon as you're eligible.

Identification Cards

Even if you don't want to drive, it is often useful to have some identification in the state of Colorado. Obtaining a state ID card is a great way to do this. We've collected information to help assist you with the application process. Read more to get started.

Motorcycle Endorsements

Colorado is a great place to take your motorcycle out for a spin. However, you'll need to makes sure you have the proper license and/or endorsement to operate your motorcycle. Read more about obtaining motorcycle endorsements in the state of Colorado.