Colorado Salvage Title

An auto involved in an accident in the state of Colorado becomes a salvage vehicle if the damage estimate is 100 percent of its value to completely repair it, or replace it. This will result in the issuance of a Colorado salvage Certificate for the vehicle. It becomes a salvage vehicle and can't be driven on the highways or have a valid license plate. If the vehicle is restored, it has to be inspected before a rebuilt title will be issued. A rebuilt vehicle with a CO salvage rebuilt title can be driven on the highways.

To learn more about Colorado Salvage Titles, read below:

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1: Get Started with Online Application Assistance

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2: By mail

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3: Via a DMV office

If your specific needs require an in-person visit, most, if not all, driver license services can be handled at your local DMV office. Varying DMV offices sometimes supply different types of services so you will need to check before your visit to make sure the DMV closest to you provides the service you require. In addition, you can call to see if your DMV allows you to make a personal appointment.

Apply for a Colorado Salvage Vehicle Title

To apply for a salvage car title in Colorado, you'll need to go to your local CO Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office location. Along with your CO Application for Salvage Title you'll have to have the vehicle's original certificate of title, the manufacturer's certificate of origin or out-of-state title, your receipt of sale, and also have your driver's license handy. The state of Florida requires you to apply for a rebuilt title from the DMV if the vehicle doesn't meet the 100 percent rule to be legally declared a total loss. Note: It is against Florida law to rebuild a vehicle and sell it after indicating a total loss.

Rebuilt Salvage Title

A Rebuilt CO Salvage Title means the vehicle has been repaired and is roadworthy. As an owner of the vehicle you will have to fill out a salvage title form, and file it with your local CO DMV branch.

Title an Abandoned Vehicle in Colorado

An abandoned vehicle title in Colorado can be claimed by anyone as long as the owner does not come forward to claim it. To claim an abandoned vehicle, and title it in Colorado, you'll have to first report the abandoned vehicle to local Colorado law authorities, then fill out an abandoned vehicle report. Your next step it to publish a notice in the newspaper that you found an abandoned vehicle, and its location (make sure to ask for a Publication Certificate).

This is done to give the prior owner a chance to claim the vehicle. Next, fill out a CO Application for Title and/or Registration form and mail that along with the publication certificate. You receive a new title and registration from the DMV through the mail.

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